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Tues 7th Dec 2010


Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

20' x 6' Painting Screen on canvas

Hugh Jart was appointed to create a giant colouring canvas to be part of the first ever

'Gulliver's Games'


We were asked to convert the forthcoming film's promotion artwork into a line drawing for the

competition winners to paint as one of the giant game's outlandishly oversized challenges.


the film's promotion artwork




Hugh Jart converted artwork to line drawing




Preparing the canvas during that really cold spell we had


-15C in the workshop!                                                                              photo CC






Thawing out the paint!                                                                               photo CC



After thrawing out the paint we started on the sky but the paint refroze on

contact with the freezing canvas so we decided to wait to complete the

background in the cosy heated marquee at Blenheim Palace



Early start on the background at Blenheim Palace                                          photo CC





Almost ready for the contestants                                                                 photo CC





The teams were Adults in red V Kids in Blue                                                 photo CC





Common you Blues                                                                                   photo CC





Blue wins it hands down                                                                            photo CC





The completed painting at the end of the day                                                photo CC







Posted: Jan 14, 2011

Jack Black in oversize palace performance with Sublime Promotions
Sublime Promotions were recently appointed by 20th Century Fox (Europe) to create a Pan-European prize winner’s event, on a truly GIANT scale! The event was to promote the release of the eagerly awaited new adaptation of Jonathan Swift’s classic novel, ‘Gulliver’s Travel’s’, starring Jack Black.

For the event, Sublime took over the beautiful Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire (a featured location in the film), to create the first ever ‘Gulliver’s Games’.

Attendees for the event were selected through Fox’s media partner, Nickelodeon, who ran competitions on their channels across Europe (UK, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Spain). Additional winners were also sourced through competitions with local media partners in Italy and the UK.

The film’s key theme of scale was central to the day’s activities; prize winning families were split into teams of adults vs kids, and they competed against each other over a number of outlandishly oversized challenges, including; Giant Guitar Hero (where you had to jump on the buttons of a 5 metre long guitar!), Titanic table football (where people replace the plastic players!) and the painting of a massive 4.5 metre mural based on the film’s artwork.

The games proceedings were overseen by a replica statue of Jack Black as Gulliver which stood at an impressive 10 metres tall and was designed bespoke for the event by Sublime.

The theme of scale continued into the banqueting hall, which had been dressed with enormous props and actual costumes from the film. Here the hungry winners sat down to a truly mammoth meal of 18” diameter burgers, 2ft long hotdogs and colossal 2 kilo cupcakes!

When dinner was finished, Lemuel Gulliver himself (aka Jack Black), arrived to present Gulliver’s games trophies to the winning teams and spend some time hanging out, signing autographs and eating cupcakes!

The whole event was filmed by Nickelodeon, with the footage being used in promotional spots for the film in Europe and the US across the film’s staggered release period.

Sublime Promotions account manager Matthew Loader commented, “Sublime has worked very closely with 20th Century Fox and Nickelodeon to create a unique prize winners experience. We have aimed to provide a truly memorable day of entertainment for the winners and their families. At the same time we wanted to make sure that we maximised the potential media value for Fox by ensuring there is loads of great footage for Nickelodeon to take away. The finished result has been a fantastic success, creating a day to remember for those involved and also firmly placing Gulliver’s Travels as the family film of the season- a clear head and shoulders above the competition!





GULLIVER GAMES on YouTube by Sublime Promotions:-


click button to see the movie













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