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Since 1995, Festival & Community Arts Group, "HUGH JART" have been permanently capturing

public input and creativity on its massive canvas painting screens and enormous 3D letters.

So to celebrate 24 years, Hugh Jart is extremely excited to invite you to take part

in some more new & unique huge art projects which is simply being called:-


To enable the realisation and funding of these projects, Hugh Jart has launched a

'Go Fund Me' Crowd Funding Campaigne.

To visit and donate to the campaigne click the link at the bottom of this page.


24's new & unique huge art projects include:-


24 - A Grand Exhibition

A grand exhibition of collaborative public artwork, which has been produced at

many different festivals and events over the last 24 years,

& collected & kept by Community and Festival Arts group 'Hugh Jart'.

A GRAND EXHIBITION - see a preview here:-

Glastonbury People's Mural 1995 - Glastonbury People's Mural 2018


You are invited to take part in the exhibition.

To submit any photos, memories or stories send an email to:-



24 - Wall 24

Everyone who donates to the campaign can add their name to Hugh Jart’s

new virtual mural ‘WALL 24’ - you can see the wall as it fills up here:-



To add your name to the wall after you have donated,

simply email a good quality didital photo of your name (as you would like it to appear on the wall)

with your details (name & email address) to:-


with "Another Name on the Wall - Wall 24" in the subject heading.



24 - Souvenir And Gift Shop

Anyone donating £24 or more can collect a special personalised gift from our new

‘Souvenir and Gift Shop’ which sells personalised glittery hand crafted souvenirs recycled

from worn out panels of Hugh Jart’s huge 3D letters which have been climbed upon,

graffitied on & painted over many many times by many many people. These hidden
paintings include contributions by a plethora of painters from babie's first times

with a paint brush to elderly blind retired artists and even Banksy themselves.

To claim your gift after you have donated £24 or more

send an email request with your name & email address to:-


& you will receive details of how to collect your gift.


24 - Art Club

Art club will be held regularly at 24. It is for anyone who would like to enjoy and

create art together and to share & learn new artistic skills, ideas & techniques.


24 - A new touring interactive huge 3D art installation

Another huge LOVE has been designed by Charlie Charles only

this time it reads a totally different word from the reverse.

see the idea here:-




Funds raised will be used to:-

1) collate and prepare images & stories of the artwork that’s been produced from Hugh Jart's stored materials, its members and public contributors for the Grand Exhibition. Artwork will be reproduced from many massive murals, painted on canvas and boards which Hugh Jart started storing in 1995 and thousands of photographs which have been taken by thousands of people at the various events Hugh Jart has attended. Events attended include large scale music festivals such as Glastonbury as well as small community & awareness events.

- 2) secure and prepare Hugh Jart’s current premises for the Grand Exhibition to open and run throughout 2020. This is an old disused Mill building, number 24, positioned in the valley over the River Ryburn between Sowerby Bridge and Triangle in West Yorkshire.

- 3) secure equipment and transport necessary to tour a preview, the build up and then the exhibition at various festivals and events during 2019 & 2020.

- 4) secure and improve Hugh Jart’s current premises for ART CLUB.

- 5) to produce & tour the new large interactive art piece for 2019 festivals to celebrate Hugh Jart's anniversary.

- 6) to be able to subsidise costs of Hugh Jart Painting Projects at small unfunded community & awareness events.

- 7) upgrades for Hugh Jart's 24 year old equipment.

- 8) update the Hugh Jart website.

- 9) a jump start to enable Hugh Jart to continue for another 24 years.



Everyone who donates before midday 31st March and emails

hughjart@gmail.com with a WALL 24 or Souvenir & Gift Shop request will be entered

in our 24 launch raffle where they could win this one off customised designer bodywarmer:-


To take part in 24 and donate to the campaign click on the link below






Email:- hughjart@gmail.com                                       © 1995-2019